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Welcome to Schluter Elementary! I am looking forward to another great school year and getting to see and work with all of our Schluter Spurs.



Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program


  1. Character Education and Guidance: Guidance lessons will be delivered each month to classes.  Lessons will cover topics including topics related to social and emotional learning and growth. These include social awareness, self-awareness, responsible decision making, self-management, relationship skills and personal well-being.
  2. Small Groups: Small groups are for students who may benefit from additional skill building or discussion of topics such as: anger management, grief, self-esteem, divorce, study skills, and friendship.  Groups typically last 5-6 weeks and meet for 30 minutes each week.  I typically run small groups during the spring semester, but will do groups in the fall as needed.
  3. Individual Counseling: Short-term, one-on-one sessions to talk and work on a certain issue can be arranged if it is pertaining to an issue that is affecting a child at school.  Some of the issues that students may need assistance with include: friendship, bullying, behavior, coping with a loss or death, coping with a separation or divorce, anger management, or goal-setting for academic purposes.

504 Services/Accommodations

If your child has a disability or diagnosis, please contact me to discuss 504 and how it could possibly help remove barriers to your child’s education.

Go Spurs! 
Office:   817.698.3913
School:  817.698.3900
Fax:        817.698.3970