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Schluter Elementary celebrates Carl E. Schluter Day

Every year, students and staff at Schluter Elementary are excited to celebrate Carl E. Schluter Day to honor their school’s namesake.

Throughout the day, students can participate in learning experiences based on the passions and interests of Mr. Schluter. For example, there is a presentation on dairy cows and a petting zoo inspired by the fact that Mr. Schluter had animals on his farm. Mark Schluter, NISD school board member and Carl Schluter’s son, even comes out to take students on “Farmer Mark’s Hayride.”

The day ends with the grand finale: "The Pumpkin Chunkin." Students have the time of their life watching leftover carved pumpkins being thrown from the roof to splat on the concrete below.

Carl E. Schluter was an educator with a love of physics, math, agriculture, engineering and so much more. He was creative, innovative, and a problem solver with a servant’s heart who encouraged his students to strive to be the best that they could be.

See more photos from this year’s Carl E. Schluter Day on the district’s Flickr page.