Helpful Tips and Hints

How To Save Pictures From The Internet
Choose an approved site such as:
Search for your term by typing the term in the search box.
When you find the picture you want, left click on it.
Find the URL or citation near the bottom of the picture.
Copy the information and paste it on a Word document or PowerPoint slide.
Go back to your picture and right click on it.
Choose "Save as"
Save the picture to your H:// drive.
Remember to rename the picture to a name you will remember. 
How to save music for your book trailer
Choose a song that matches the mood or feel of your book.
Click on "Full Preview and Download"
Choose which version of the music you want to download. (PAD is usually smaller and works well with the trailers)
Click on Download. A menu should pop up asking you if you want to Open or Save...choose Save As.
Save the song on your H:// drive.
Copy the URL for the website and paste it onto your Credits page.