Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Schluter Elementary

Below you will find procedures for our arrival and dismissal for our school. There are some important procedures we must follow to keep things running safely and smoothly:


·         The front circle is for bus and daycare drop-off only. Car rider drop off is at the rear of the school from 7:20am to 7:35am.  At 7:35, back doors are locked and all students must enter the school through the front of the building.

·         If students arrive prior to 7:25, they will go directly to the gym until 7:25 AM unless they are eating breakfast. Please have your child arrive at 7:20 if they are eating breakfast in the cafeteria so they can be to class on time.

·         Our school start time is 7:40 am. Students should be in their seats and ready for instruction at 7:40 am.

·         Please do not drop your child off at the back doors if there is not a teacher outside. 

·         Our front parking lot is reserved for parents who wish to walk their child to class or volunteer at school. The back parking lot is reserved for staff. Parents will need to sign in and out through the front office. Don’t forget to bring your driver’s license with you.

·         If you will be driving your child to and/or from school, please utilize the new road from Willow Springs to access the back parking lot. Enter the back parking area and pull all the way around the circle drive where you will let your child(ren) out by the cafeteria. For safety purposes, please do not cut through the parking lot or pass other cars in the driveway.

·         Form one line and pull up as far as possible to a staff member.

·         For your child’s safety, please have them exit the passenger side of the car nearest the curb.

·         If your child needs assistance to get out of the car, please have your car visor identification sign with the “morning assistance needed” sticker visible.


·         Car riders will be dismissed at the back of the school.

·         There will be one line of cars for back dismissal. Teachers will be supervising students’ departure.

·         Please pull all the way around the circle as far as possible. We will be loading 8 cars at a time, dismissing the 8 cars to exit when the students are loaded safely.

·         Each child who is a car rider received a car visor sign for parents to write the child's name and grade level. This sign must be visible in the car visor as you pull into the loading zones. Visibility of the sign will assist us in providing a safe and smooth process.

·         Siblings will meet up at the dismissal area.

·         Changes to your child’s afternoon dismissal arrangements should be made before 2:00 by calling the front office. This will allow us time to get the information to your child’s teacher.

·         If you are picking up your child they need to be picked up from the rear of the school. Please do not park and walk up to the school to pick up your child at dismissal.

·         Please do not park on the south side of the building and wait for your child; it is unsafe for our students who are walking home to have to walk in between your cars.


·         Students riding their bike home or walking home will be escorted by a staff member to the appropriate exit that is in the direction of their house.

·         Students who walk or ride their bike who live in front of the school will exit out the front and walk down to Prairie Breeze Street.

·         Students who live behind the school nearest to Willow Springs will exit our K-2nd playground area and walk to Mesa Crest Court. Please make sure to inform your child’s teacher if your child will walk alone, with an older sibling, or if you will meet them at their dismissal area and walk with them.

·         Bike riders must wear a helmet (it’s the law), and they must walk their bikes while on school property. This is a safety issue and should be discussed with your children.

·         It is recommended all bikes be secured with a lock.


·         All students riding a day care bus or Durham transportation bus will dismiss from the front of the school.


A written note must be sent to your child's homeroom teacher in order for us to change your child's usual afternoon transportation home. For last-minute dismissal changes, notify the front office at 817-698-3900 by 2:00 pm.

Thank you for your help and patience in following these procedures so we can provide a safe environment for our Schluter Spurs!