Reader's Response with Book of the Month

Reader’s Response

Talking about books challenges and stimulates children’s learning, and gives them interesting topics of conversation. Books are filled with opportunities for making meaning and talking about books helps children reach a deeper understanding of their meaning. When students read and talk about their reading with others, they are beginning to incorporate good reading habits that will enrich their intellectual experiences in school and beyond.


Every student in grades K-5 has a ‘Reader’s Notebook’ where they record their thoughts, wonderings, and understandings about the texts they are reading. The majority of the time spent in reading workshop is spent reading, not writing. Two to three times a week students make entries into their Reader’s Notebook to improve their comprehension and help them understand themselves as readers.


Some suggestions for Reading Response entries with our Book of the Month:

  • What did you wonder about the text?
  • What character was your favorite and why?
  • What one line in the text captured your attention?
  • What was the author trying to tell you?
  • Write a letter to the author or character in the book.
  • Write or draw your favorite ‘moment’ in the text.
  • Write about how a particular incident in the text made you feel.
  • Write a recommendation of the book.